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As women, we are so many things to so many people and often loaded with responsibilities. I’ve been on a journey the last 12 years of feeling lost and looking in the mirror, unsure who the person looking back truly is. You may feel similarly – uncertain who you are anymore, mabye even too exhausted to think about it. And even though we’re not physically sitting beside each other, we are here together.

Let’s dive into this book, you and me, and start removing negative labels and learn how to discover God’s truth for our lives. God beautifully designed you and me with a specific purpose, so let’s drown out the noise and allow God to be the loudest voice in our ear. Grab a blanket, grab a friend, and let’s awaken our souls together.


Beautifully Designed:  Abandon Labels, Discover God’s Truth
Ashley Shepherd (Author)
Battle Ground Creative Publisher
ISBN: 978-1-947554-91-7

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